Sven Johnsen

How often do you think about the safety hazards that might be in your roof space?

Lurking above your head there might be a host of potential safety issues resulting from faulty insulation installation.  Not only can these safety hazards affect you and your family living in the house, but also tradespeople and building processionals that might be venturing into your roof space for various reasons.

How can roof space safety hazards affect you?

The first cause of concern with safety hazards in your roof space is the safety and wellbeing of you and your family occupying the home. The possible risks that can be caused are electric shock and injuries associated with house fires.

Issues with Insulation

Insulation made out of foil and other electrical conductive materials should never come into contact with other metal downpipes, guttering or metal roof sheeting in roof spaces. If this does occur, it may be as the result of some unsavory rodent or pest visitors in your roof space. Causes can also include a combination of poor electrical work in the roof space, a lack of maintenance or even faulty installation. Either way, if any of this has occurred, you home could be at risk of providing electrical shocks.

Whilst we are on the topic of insulation in roof spaces, house fire risks can also be of concern for materials that are not properly installed. If insulation does get dislodged from its intended position as a result of environmental factors or rodents then it will become a serious safety hazard because insulation is highly flammable. If insulation comes into contact with hot surfaces such as light fittings then it can be a recipe for disaster.

Fixing up the roof space hazards

If you do have safety hazards in your roof space I am sure that you would want to keep yourself and your family safe and eliminate these potential safety hazards. Whilst it is never going to be possible to avoid all potential causes of injury, it is possible to take measures to address the most serious risks.

The easiest and most effective way of dealing with the risks associated with insulation in your roof space is to seek professional help. By engaging an independent building inspector who is qualified and trained in spotting hazards that the untrained eye may miss, they can help you prevent damage to both person and property.

If you think that you might have some safety issues with your roof space, or have any other questions relating to roof space safety issues get in contact with a professional building inspector to schedule an inspection. With an independent property report, you will then be able to take the appropriate steps necessary to adequately address safety issues in your roof space.

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