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It was a chore that I used to hate as a kid. Cleaning gutters.

Growing up in a semi-rural area with lots of trees around, they were always full. It is a chore that I still don’t like doing on my Sydney home, but it is amazing just how much drama can begin and end with roofs and guttering systems when it comes to keeping your residential or commercial property in good condition.  In order to help you understand how important your roof and gutter systems are I want to share with you some of the most common faults found in roofs and gutters. Keeping on top of these issues can go a long way to ensuring you avoid potential expensive damages in the future. Hopefully it will also encourage you to be a bit more proactive with your maintenance as well.


1)    Broken roof tiles

Over time, the tiles on your roof are bound to deteriorate and break or be damaged by external environmental factors. The problem is that a broken or damaged roof tile is not the easiest thing to spot from the ground. You can either have regular check conducted on your roof by a professional independent building inspector or you can jump up on your roof and conduct a regular check yourself. This is important because cracked and damaged roof tiles can cause leaks in your roof which can lead to major damage within the roof space.

2)    Unprotected Gutters.

Keep your gutters covered. Not just to keep them clear of vegetation but also pests and rodents.  Rodents may use unprotected gutters as an access point to  the roof space of your home where it is warm and dry. Once inside they may nest, leave droppings and feed on insulation etc.

3)    Sagging roofs

Poor framing in the roof space, additional roof loading and corroded fixings can all result in a sagging pitched roof.

4)    Inadequate or Damaged Flashings

Flashing directs the flow of moisture around openings and seams within the roof space of your building and plays a vital role within your roofing system. Because there is moisture involved, this can lead to rust over time.

5)    Damaged solar panels

Solar panels are a fantastic money saver for your power bills. However, they can also be a large cost if your roof surface is not properly maintained. Solar panels have the nasty habit of catching organic litter such as falling leaves. This then prevents effective water shedding and therefore, has the potential to cause leaks. Avoid this by regularly maintaining and cleaning the areas around your panels.

6)    Leaks and blockages

You need to be vigilant and keep your gutters clean. Leaves and other organic debris can fill up gutters and block them. This prevents them from effectively draining water away from your roof and the foundation or your home by not directing the water through down pipes. This can lead to major leaks in your roof space and structural damage.

7)    Damaged gutters

Again metal plus water over time can lead to corrosion and damage. Holes and leaks in your gutters, caused by age or environmental factors will affect the use of gutters. As mentioned above, this can lead to leaks and structural damage.

These 7 common faults found in roofs and guttering can lead to some very expensive consequences. You can avoid these issues by inspecting and keeping your roof clean regularly. You can also work with a registered independent Sydney building inspector to assist and ensure that there are no unusual issues. You should be able to spot any obvious issues with your roof with a visual inspection before they become a major headache, others may not always be so obvious. This is when a trained building inspector can really help and save you some money long term.

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