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Building Inspection tips for selling your Sydney home

Selling your home in Sydney? Get ready for the building inspection.

Usually I write for potential buyers  in the Sydney commercial and residential real estate market. But today I have decided to jump ship and talk specifically to those on the other site of the real estate transaction. I am talking about the sellers.

If you are selling your property, you might be slightly nervous about the prospect of having a lovely gentleman (or lady) such as myself coming and having a poke around your home to determine if there are any structural issues, major defects, drainage issues or concerns  with your home. This can be quite a daunting thought- a stranger walking around my house – trying to find all the problems with house that has been my pride and joy for several years.

This doesn’t have to necessarily be a painful process.

A pre-purchase building inspection is not a pass / fail grade on your property.

One of the most common misconceptions about property inspections is that an independent building inspection will be  a pass/ fail grade for your Sydney property. The whole idea of a building inspection being carried out by a professional independent third party for a one off fee is that they are exactly that. Independent. They are not advising a potential buyer whether they should buy a property or not. If you have a building inspection, your house is not going to “fail”. If there are any issues, a reputable building inspector will generate a neutral pre-purchase report that will objectively identify any issues so that the buyer can make a completely informed decision before they settle on a price with the seller.

The Sydney buyers market is competitive. So a building inspection is going to happen.

If you are stressed about the potential of a building inspection being conducted on your property, your need to accept that it is most likely going to happen. The Sydney real estate market is a competitive market and prospective buyers can afford to be picky about the properties they settle on. With more demanding attitudes from buyers regarding the regular maintenance for older homes in Sydney, homeowners and sellers are advised to make the most of these high expectations and prepare their properties to ensure a favourable building inspection result.

Be proactive

If you have an older property and it is likely that you are going to need to have a building inspection conducted on your property, why don’t you be proactive and assist the sales process. Whilst many homeowners may choose to wait for the buyer to initiate a pre-purchase building inspection to avoid the expense of paying for an inspection, you can speed up the selling process by having a report generated for potential buyers. This will also assist them by saving them the cost and can go towards creating a feeling of goodwill between the buyer and the seller over the home.

What can you do before a pre-purchase building inspection?

The following points will not only help with your pre-purchase building inspection but it will also assist with the selling and moving process.

  • If you have neglected some areas of your property that would normally require routine maintenance, now that you are looking at selling it is the time to get on top of it and address those concerns.
  • Organise to have your gutters cleaned or clean them yourself.
  • Have any overgrown garden close to the building trimmed back and tidied up.
  • Get any minor repairs that you may have been putting off fixed before the building inspection.
  • De-clutter and tidy up any built up rooms in the house to allow easy access for the building inspector.
  • Also, clear out any clutter from basement and attic spaces.
  • Make sure all your fire and smoke alarms are operational.
  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs throughout the house.

These are generally routine maintenance issues for houses and they are a quick and easy way to improve the aesthetic state of your property before a pre-purchase building inspection is conducted on your property. However, if you have some more serious issues with you property, do not resort to quick, easy or cheap fixes in an attempt to repair these serious issues. This can work against you as it raises suspicion with buyers by sending them the message that you are actively trying hide to defects with your property.

By putting in a little bit of elbow grease and getting these simple areas tidied up on your property, as a seller, you are one step ahead of the pre-purchase building inspection game.

For more tips on how to get your property ready for a building inspection or to organise an independent Sydney pre-purchase building inspection,

You can contact Sven Johnsen Building Inspections 9555 4226 or email

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